DJ Complex Lex

DJ Complex Lex is a native of Los Angeles, California. At a young age she was introduced to many genres of music through her parents, establishing a deep connection to what she heard. Her father was a musician and her mother worked for A&M Records, the same record label that handled Janet Jackson and Sting. Lex recognized quickly that music had an ability to change how a person feels, and change the energy in a space. She quickly enrolled in piano lessons, and simultaneously began avidly burning CD mixes for all her friends and family. She noticed her serious love for music as a tween when she was more interested in the DJ than the dance floor at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. In 2006, she convinced her mom to buy her first Technic 1200 turntable. Lex quickly fell in love with the DJ culture. Years later, Complex Lex enrolled, graduated & earned her DJ Certification from the honorable and prestigious Scratch DJ Academy in Los Angeles. She was taught by some of the best DJs in the business (Mr. Choc from the Beat Junkies & DJ Revolution from Shade 45 & the Wake Up Show). She believes in continuing to sharpen her DJ skills, scratches, and technique, so she takes various courses when she can at the Beat Junkie Institute of Sound in Glendale, CA to endlessly perfect her craft. She has also been schooled by the following legendary DJs: Melo D, D-Styles, DJ Babu & DJ Rhettmatic